Name, Surname Office tel. Position
 Victor Dolidze 228 24 78  State Minister
 Archil karaulashvili
  First Deputy State Minister 
 Mariam Rakviashvili 292 05 51  Deputy State Minister 
Papuna Shengelaia 228 12 22 Deputy State Minister
 Tamar Koberidze   Advisor to the State Minister 
 Administration Department 228 24 75  
 Nikoloz Tsiklauri  228 24 70 Head of Department
 Elene Rapava       228 24 74 Deputy Head of Department

NATO Integration Coordination Department

 Nata Koridze 228 24 50 Head of Department
 Olga Spirandi  228 24 51 Deputy Head of Department
 European Integration Coordination Department 228 24 58  
 Nino Grdzelishvili   Head of Department
 Emir Eteria     Deputy Head of Department

Division for Sectoral Cooperation

Tornike Sulaberidze   Head of Division
 EU Assistance Coordination Department 228 24 68  
  David Bujiashvili 
  Head of Department
Akaki Jamburia   Deputy Head of Department
 Public Relations Department  2920108  
 Khatuna Saginadze    Head of Department
Natia Chikovani   Deputy Head of Department
Strategic Communication Department    
Tornike Nozadze 
  Head of Department
Veka modebadze   Deputy Head of Department
Events Planning and Coordination Division    
 Bobi Apkhazava     Head of Division
Marine Arabuli    Financial Manager

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